Dr Jessica Rainert


General Paediatrician

Dr Jessica Rainert is a Specialist General Paediatrician and Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. She completed her medical degree through Western Sydney University, Campbelltown, and went on to complete her Paediatric specialist training through Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. Over the past few years Dr Jessica has spent significant time working in hospitals throughout Sydney and regional NSW, and has gained wide experience in Neonatal Intensive care, Paediatric Emergency care and Aeromedical retrieval, Paediatric oncology ,Community & Developmental Paediatrics and other Paediatric sub speciality Departments . 
Dr Jessica continues this work as a General Paediatrician in the community Health space, seeing children from newborn to adolescence with complex vulnerabilities including significant Neurodevelopmental, behavioural and social concerns. 
Furthermore Dr Jessica enjoy teaches undergraduate medical students as a Conjoint Associate Lecturer with Western Sydney University.
Dr Jessica cares for children of all ages and particularly enjoys supporting parents of newborns and young children.

Special Interests

  • Newborns and young infants
  • Child development and behavioural concerns such as developmental delay, learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety
  • Acute and chronic medical problems such as Asthma, eczema, seizures, headaches, growth Concerns

Dr Danni Gregson


General Paediatrician


Dr Danni Gregson is a General Paediatrician. She completed her medical degree at the University of Western Sydney in Campbelltown and further she did Masters of Public Health at the University of New South Wales. Dr Danni undertook her Paediatric Specialist training at Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick and spent a lot of that time working in outer metropolitan and regional hospitals, gaining a wide experience.

Dr Danni has spent the last few years working in the Campbelltown area, first as the Paediatric Fellow at Campbelltown Hospital and then in Community Health Centre clinics for complex neurodevelopmental, behavioural and vulnerable children. She also has clinical experience in Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, having worked in the Paediatric Endocrine Clinic at Campbelltown Hospital.

Dr Danni has been regularly involved in teaching practical Paediatric skills to the medical students at the University of Western Sydney.

Dr Danni has a lovely personality of listening well to the parents concerns, prioritizing the issues and guide them toward their children best interest. Dr Danni has recently returned to work after having a baby boy and loves spending time with her family in the great outdoors.

Special Interests

  • Newborn babies
  • Developmental concerns
  • General and complex medical and surgical problems such as Asthma, Eczema , ADHD, Autism, Learning Difficulties, Anxieties etc
  • Paediatric Endocrinology including childhood Diabetes, Obesity, thyroid disorders etc

Dr Harsha Gowda


General Paediatrician

Dr Harsha Gowda is a General Paediatrician with more than 15 years of working experience in Paediatrics. Dr Gowda completed his Masters training, MD Paediatrics at Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore, India.  Subsequently, to chase his dream, he migrated to Australia for further specialist training.

Dr Gowda obtained Specialist Fellowship in General Paediatrics, that includes an extensive training in Neonatology . He continues to have his passion for Newborn and provides a dedicated follow-up care, to make sure NICU graduates are developing and thriving well. His FRACP Paediatric training involved working in various regions of Queensland and NSW. He currently holds a VMO position at Canterbury Hospital and Campbelltown hospital. 

In addition to his special interest in Neonates, he also manages complex behavioural, acute and chronic Paediatric cases up to sixteen years of age.

Languages Spoken: Hindi, Kannada, English.

Special Interests

  • Newborns - Extreme prematurity, very low birth weight, congenital medical Conditions etc
  • Neurobehavioral and Neurodevelopmental cases in children like ADHD Autism ODD GDD Childhood anxiety etc
  • Allergies and eczema
  • Paediatric respiratory and Asthma


  • "Neonatal Sepsis” published in journal of Infectious Disease

Dr Kumi Kalaialagan

MBBS FRACP MD DCH Cert. Em. Medicine

Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Kumuthiny (Kumi) Kalaialagan is a General Paediatrician with more than 15 years of working experience in General Paediatrics and Neonatology. Dr Kumi graduated with MBBS in 2004 with a gold medal in Paediatrics. She then completed her Masters in Paediatrics MD, in 2010 at Colombo University, Sri Lanka. Dr Kumi  has had extensive training experience in acute and complex and chronic paediatric medical problems during this period. In addition, she worked with subspeciality teams such as Paediatric – Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Nutrition, Nephrology, NICU, PICU and Rheumatology.

Dr Kumi worked as a Consultant Paediatrician and Lecturer in Paediatrics in Sri Lanka prior to migrating to Australia.

Dr Kumi now has seven years of work experience in Australia and has completed her Paediatric training in Australia and holds a Fellowship in Paediatrics (FRACP), Diploma in Child Health (Sydney), and a Certificate in Emergency Medicine (Australasia). She worked in regional and metropolitan hospitals in NSW during her Fellowship training in Australia.

Dr Kumi is ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) trained. She has a passion for providing the ultimate and tailored care for children considering their family and cultural background.

Special Interests

  • Unsettled babies, Gastroesophageal reflux disease and other newborn issues
  • Complex Neuro developmental and behavioural issues - ADHD, Autism, ODD, development delay, anxiety, depression etc.

Current Appointments

  • Conjoint Lecturer at Western Sydney University
  • Emergency Department at Campbelltown Hospital

Dr Archana Prasad

MBBS MD Paediatrics, FRACP

General Paediatrician

Dr Prasad is a General Paediatrician with more than ten years of working experience in Paediatrics and Neonatal medicine. She completed both her primary medical degree and her post-graduation training, (MD) Masters in Paediatrics from a prestigious Medical University in India. Subsequently Dr Prasad moved to Australia and completed her Fellowship, FRACP in Paediatrics. This included working in various specialities including Neonatal units in both Tertiary and Base hospitals in NSW. Dr Prasad has involved herself in various quality improvement projects for her department and is passionate about teaching.

Dr Prasad loves quality time with her family and enjoys trying new recipes and reading Harry Potter for her kids.

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

Special Interests

  • Preterm babies (feeding problems, Reflux, Developmental delay, Hydronephrosis etc)
  • Managing patients of all Paediatric age group including adolescents
  • Complex medical patients

Current Appointments

  • Consultant Paediatrician at Campbelltown Hospital and Camden Hospital
  • Consultant Paediatrician at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Dr Kalpesh Jain


Neonatologist and a General Paediatrician

Dr Kalpesh Jain has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Paediatric Medicine.

He graduated from Karnataka University (MBBS) and obtained his specialist qualification from well renown Manipal International Institute of Health Sciences. Dr Jain has Dual Fellowship from Royal Australasian College of Physician in the field of General Paediatrics and Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. He gained a broad clinical experience working in Sydney Children’s Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital, Liverpool Hospital and Westmead Hospital-in NSW. Dr Jain further was offered a Consultant Neonatal-Paediatrician position at Mercy Health and Northern Health Melbourne including and not limited to private services at St Vincent’s Hospital at Werribee from 2015 till 2020. His love for Sydney and its community allured him to relocate and restart serving diverse communities in Sydney.
Dr Jain is passionate about the health of small preterm infants and their long-term growth, helping them to achieve their best potential. He is eager to work with families and involve them in all facets of newborn care. He prioritise mainly on effective communication with family and other members of allied health and sub-specialties engaged in the responsibility of the child.
Dr Jain Kalpesh has an interest in early identification of motor deficits in newborn especially preterm infants, tongue ties, Infant sleep and feeding difficulties including Gastro-Oesophageal reflux management, growth and developmental issues, ADHD ASSESSMENT and other common children health conditions like  asthma, constipation, frequent infections and sleep disorders. He loves antenatal counselling of families expecting a preterm infant about long term growth prospects.
Dr Jain enjoys, spending time with his lovely daughters, cycling and swimming . He is training himself in playing guitar and Bollywood dancing!

Special Interests

  • Failure to Thrive
  • GORD
  • Developmental assessment
  • Infant sleep difficulties
  • Asthma
  • Chronic constipation

Current Appointments

  • Visiting Medical officer - Campbelltown and Camden Hospital
  • Visiting Medical officer at Norwest Private Hospital, Auburn Hospital and as Retrieval specialist working with Careflight Organisation Australia