Importance of Influenza (flu) vaccine

Influenza vaccine is the best option available to protect your child from being infected and unwell from, the virus influenza, commonly known as ‘the flu’. This flu vaccine is advised for all the children above 6 months of age. Any child with long term medical health condition may have their immunity less and are prone for flu infection. It is recommended to have regular yearly Influenza vaccination in this case. Furthermore all the l household members should also be vaccinated to minimise the incidence of your child being exposed.

The flu vaccine is free of cost in NSW up to five years of age or a child with chronic or complex medical illness like Chronic lung or heart conditions, immunodeficiency et c. It is also free for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and pregnant women. The influenza vaccine is produced by different companies hence have different brand names like FluQuadri, Fluarix Tetra etc

The vaccine is administered intramuscular injection, mostly given in the upper arm or in the thigh for babies by a trained healthcare professional. It is given two doses for the children less than nine years who are receiving the vaccine for the first time. The Influenza vaccine is given usually before the start of every winter. The flu virus is common from end of May to September. Some children may develop an unwanted side effects like redness, fever, aches and pain that can last up to 48 hours.

Influenza vaccinations are safe and a child with allergy to egg can receive the vaccine.

You should call an ambulance immediately if your child develops any signs of a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis.